Thursday, April 8, 2010

Elena's First "Big Girl" Concert
She just called me from the Fox Theater in Pomona to say that her cell phone didn't charge properly and that she might need to use her friend's cell phone later to check in with me. "No problem, " I say as I tell her to have a fun time. Before she left earlier I got a little nervous about this band she was going to see with a 21 year old friend and two of her best friends. This is the extent of the drug "education" I have given my eldest daughter:
 "Don't do drugs, OK?" She looks at me with her classic Give me a break, Mom look and I smile at her.
  "Don't talk to strange boys, either, OK? I mean, don't be rude, but you don't have to be that friendly either, OK?" And again, Give me a break, Mom. "And don't go to the bathroom by yourself. Go with one of your friends, OK?"
"I will Mom."

     Can you feel my worry? My fear? My anxiety? I didn't think so. It's not really there. Not much, that is. My eldest, Elena, is one of the most responsible, mature, level-headed young ladies I know. I think she's a great kid and I cherish her dearly. I also really like her. She is a very intelligent, perceptive, kind person who has a dry sense of humor. She also giggles a lot around boys she likes. (At least I think she likes them. She has never revealed liking any of them. "That's fine," I tell her. "Stay away from all the boys till you're out of college and like, 24." She gives me another one of her looks Are you serious, Mom?

     At any rate, she will be introduced to the world of loud music and curious-looking and acting people. The band is a fairly benign Christian-like band. Or something like that. Again, I'm not worried and when she comes home, we'll talk about it. I'll ask her about all the weirdos she saw. "Was anyone making out in front of you? Because you should have definitely looked away!" I can anticipate the look now Are you serious, Mom? Or, maybe she will have some intriguing stories. I know she'll tell me and we'll laugh about all sorts of things.
     And then I'll ask her, "You stayed away from drugs, right?" And then the look, Give me a break, Mom!
Yep - that's what I thought. That's my girl.
But I have been praying for her - like all night long. When did she say she'd be home?

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dietcokegrrl said...

I love the talk you had with her. Cut and dry. Totally concise. Love it.

How fun for Elena to go out and feel independent. But, I'm sure I will be a mess the first time Hannah goes out....glad that day is far off in the future. :) I hope I'm as relaxed and calm and secure.