Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back on the Weight Loss Wagon Again

     My enthusiasm for losing weight at the beginning of December was derailed. In fact, after learning how to make yeast breads, I gained weight! I was dismayed at how heavy I had become and how I have stayed at that weight. I still enjoy making tasty, nutritious bread for my family and friends, but I need to figure out how to acquire more self-control when that bread is baking and I have to take it from the oven piping hot and fresh. Yep - a real challenge, but not beyond my determination to figure out how to manage this new temptation.
     In reality, I hate talking about weight loss, diets, body issues, etc. REALLY HATE IT. My weight has fluctuated so much throughout my life and is such a source of discouragement that I tend to avoid the topic all together. Writing about it seems easier.
     So, I've come to the conclusion that I am a statistical norm. And statistically speaking, people who lose weight and keep it off have the following traits in common:
1) They weigh themselves frequently - like everyday or every couple of days.
2) They write all their food intake down in a journal.
3) They exercise about an hour a day.
4) They lose weight with a friend and have ongoing accountability.
5) They are quick to get "back on track" when they've blown it.
6) They let friends and family know that they are trying to lose weight.
     These are the things I  need to do regularly if I'm going to have success in long term weight loss and maintenance. How could I think I could do it any other way than how most people do it successfully? I'm not special, unique, or different. Although I do have a tendency to be a statistical abnormality in some ways and have been labeled "different" by people throughout the years, these weight loss rules apply to me.
     Having a new I -Touch with the "Lose It" application is very helpful in terms of having a food journal and calculator with me everywhere I go. Also, having a pedometer is very motivating as well. The goal for most people is 10, 0000 steps per day. I aim for 14, 000 but rarely reach it. My sophisticated pedometer (on clearance at Target - whoo hoo!) also gives me my calories burned for the day. I feel inspired to walk more and move more just to see how close I can get to my goal.  As far as the other guidelines for success, I have those covered for now.
     Anyway, I'm making another effort at leading a healthy lifestyle to glorify God and be as useful and effective for him as I can be. Pray for me!

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Heather Griffith Brewer said...

Good luck!
It's so hard to lose weight...and the bread would KILL me...hot bread with butter...oh man!