Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy Making Days

                                     This is my butterfly and hummingbird garden
   I love my new garden(s). I have become HIGHLY motivated to plant them to maximum capacity. I have big plans with little plants. I can't wait till they start getting bigger. I also have lots of flowers and vegetables I'm starting from seed; so delightfully entertaining! I must check my seedling trays several times an hour. I know - crazy making. I really get a kick seeing the seedlings pop out of the soil. I think God will give me a gigantic garden when I get to with Heaven with tons of seed packets, perfectly lush, fertile soil and gobs of planting containers. The dirt won't get between my fingernails. I will obviously not need to wear gloves. Wow. Sometimes I can't wait.
     And then there are those days that make waiting for a couple of moments of Heaven even more trying on my patience....My house has some significant "hot spots" of disaster, chaos, and disorder in every single room -  on top of the usual clutter. And Julia is like a spectacular spinning top that whizzes through each room leaving total messes in her wake. Ugh....I am worn out trying to keep up with her.  And Tim is working extra long hours with extra difficult students to pay for our backyard project. He comes home understandably spent and exhausted.
     On a positive note, my Dad is home from the hospital and  in good spirits. Praise God! A true miracle. My visit with my brother was very enjoyable. He had some keen insights into a couple of issues with my kids and my family that were very helpful and thought - provoking. I'll miss him.
     Spring break is coming up for us next week. We will be playing catch up from all the school work that fell though the cracks when I was at the hospital visiting my Dad. I'm also hosting Easter lunch at my house with about 35 relatives coming over.

"Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest for your souls..."
  Here I come Jesus!

                    The kids love their new bike path, but watch out! I've almost gotten run over a few times!
                                               Their swing set now has a huge sand area
                                                My early Spring garden
You can already see the clutter!

Drop by and visit anytime!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Big Pour: Concrete and Blood

No, not at the same time or in the same location. So, here's the story: last Tuesday my backyard was getting prepped to have the concrete poured in all the patio areas and the curving, sloping path around the yard. There were about 12 guys getting everything ready and waiting for the concrete truck to arrive. I had to run out to do an errand and as I was driving down Michillinda I saw it slowly approaching uphill: the massive concrete truck. Whoo! Hoo! I was excited! Here it was: the end to a gopher-tunneled, caved- in backyard lawn that was both dangerous and ugly. In its place was going to be solid level ground in specific, carefully laid out parts. I was finally going to have a REAL back yard suitable for bbq's, playdates, family gatherings and - gasp- weddings! (eventually, that is). As the girls and I watched them pour the concrete and fill in all the spots we got excited. It was incredible and amazing to watch.
                The backyard had to be cleared and leveled first - back breaking work!

      I'll post the finished product pictures when we're all done - well, mostly done.  

      Shift to only 2 days later. Early Thursday morning I got a call from my sister Sarah; my Dad had been taken to the hospital for uncontrollable rectal bleeding. It was serious, she said. So, as soon as I could secure the girls at home, I left to go see my Dad. He was really sick and was having the 6th unit or so of what would be 22 units of blood poured into him - drip by drop, drop drop....By Saturday morning he had looked better, but the colonoscopy had showed nothing that signaled where the bleeding was. But, the bleeding had stopped so he was moved up to the med/surg ward and out of ICU. However, after leaving him later Saturday evening, I got a call as Tim and I were ordering our dinner (we were out on a date) that he was bleeding again and that it was very serious. I gulped down my dinner and left for the hospital. Shortly after I arrived, it appeared as if they couldn't get blood in my Dad fast enough. He looked so white and was so cold. After turning away to cry so that he couldn't see me, I looked back at him, held his hand and smiling asked, "Do you have peace, Dad?" He nodded. He then winked at me. My Dad - always the charmer. Several minutes earlier he had made it clear to my sister that he didn't want to be revived when he went into shock and would quickly pass away. It was imminent and we all knew it. We were asked to leave the room at that point as the nurses frantically rushed to open another IV line in him.
     After waiting about a half hour, we were told he was in surgery. What? He was too risky to operate on, but it was either that or let him die. His colleague and surgeon friend of over 35 years was determined to do the best he could for my dad. And he did. With lightning quick precision, he removed most of my Dad's colon. A surgery that would have taken 4 hours with anyone else took only 2 1/2 hours with this amazing surgeon, Dr. Shirish Patel.Miraculously, my Dad came through the surgery well. It's been several days now and the recovery has been very painful and difficult. I would so appreciate your prayers for my Dad's healing and peace.
    Incredibly, my brother flew out right away when he heard the news of my Dad's hospitalization. None of  us in my family had seen him for over 6 years. There had been estrangement and tense, unresolved issues between him and my Dad in particular. After my brother arrived, none of those issues mattered anymore. Spending time with my brother has been emotional, joyful and extremely healing. God is so good. I'm asking God to do one more pour for me: that of abundant rest and strength. I am spent and weary. But God is my strength and my peace. I will definitely keep you posted.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy In My Backyard....

I'm such a blogger drop out. It's been very busy and eventful these last couple of weeks, but I just haven't feel inspired to write about it. However, shortly I'll post pictures of our massive backyard project that is nearing completion. I've been looking at my new garden areas and getting ready to plant seedlings and get my garden up and running. I'm so excited! I've dreamed about, imagined, prayed for, talked about, and planned for this backyard for about six years. It came sooner than I was anticipating, but I'm so eager to start working on all the planting and  finishing details. It will take years for it to really be all that I want it to be, but the exciting thing is that I have all these fun projects planned for it that involve Tim and the kids. So fun! Such an adventure!

I'll keep you posted.