Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy Making Days

                                     This is my butterfly and hummingbird garden
   I love my new garden(s). I have become HIGHLY motivated to plant them to maximum capacity. I have big plans with little plants. I can't wait till they start getting bigger. I also have lots of flowers and vegetables I'm starting from seed; so delightfully entertaining! I must check my seedling trays several times an hour. I know - crazy making. I really get a kick seeing the seedlings pop out of the soil. I think God will give me a gigantic garden when I get to with Heaven with tons of seed packets, perfectly lush, fertile soil and gobs of planting containers. The dirt won't get between my fingernails. I will obviously not need to wear gloves. Wow. Sometimes I can't wait.
     And then there are those days that make waiting for a couple of moments of Heaven even more trying on my patience....My house has some significant "hot spots" of disaster, chaos, and disorder in every single room -  on top of the usual clutter. And Julia is like a spectacular spinning top that whizzes through each room leaving total messes in her wake. Ugh....I am worn out trying to keep up with her.  And Tim is working extra long hours with extra difficult students to pay for our backyard project. He comes home understandably spent and exhausted.
     On a positive note, my Dad is home from the hospital and  in good spirits. Praise God! A true miracle. My visit with my brother was very enjoyable. He had some keen insights into a couple of issues with my kids and my family that were very helpful and thought - provoking. I'll miss him.
     Spring break is coming up for us next week. We will be playing catch up from all the school work that fell though the cracks when I was at the hospital visiting my Dad. I'm also hosting Easter lunch at my house with about 35 relatives coming over.

"Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest for your souls..."
  Here I come Jesus!

                    The kids love their new bike path, but watch out! I've almost gotten run over a few times!
                                               Their swing set now has a huge sand area
                                                My early Spring garden
You can already see the clutter!

Drop by and visit anytime!

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dietcokegrrl said...

Laura--this looks so great! I love it! So glad to hear your dad is doing so much better and that you had such a nice visit with your brother. Can't wait to come by and see the new backyard!