Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Curious Mystery

     So, here's a puzzling fact I've discovered. Since realizing a couple of months back that I could check my "stats" with Google Blogger, I've been very intrigued to observe a couple of trends. I've discovered that, as of yet, there are three posts on my main blog, the one you are reading now, that are the most viewed. After clicking  a button, I stopped tracking times when I would re-read a post. So, the current numbers reflect other people who have read those posts. I'm entirely aware that some of those page views might have occurred accidentally and that people who clicked on the post might not have actually read it. Still, the numbers are interesting. When I looked at the traffic sources I see mostly facebook and google leads. Not very revealing. To date, my three most popular blog posts are,, and coming in at #3
     The number one spot in this blog is my embarrassing description of my temper tantrum in Sears over the summer and my attempt at making restitution. That post still affects me in that I try to make my "sorry" mean something by making restitution when  I've wronged somebody. I'm still working on that. The second most popular post about Tim's choice of "briefcases" (a diaper bag!) was apparently quite intriguing to at least 58 people. And then, most recently, my description of the dead-looking nativity scene in my front yard seemed to be quite popular, too.
     I usually place on my Facebook page a link to my latest post knowing that that will generate a few hits. Really, though, I write this blog for myself. It's therapeutic and entertaining for me. The fact that anyone could read it motivates, inspires, and challenges me to think carefully how I present any information, stories, or feelings. I am honest and truthful in all my blog posts, but also quite careful to protect people's identities, steer clear of divisive political or social commentaries, and put forth a post that might inspire and inform, or at least amuse in some way. When people tell me that they find a particular post funny, I'm always curious as to what exactly made them laugh."What is funny to you?" I might ask. Overall, if I've even brought a smile to someone's face then I feel that all my writing efforts have been worthwhile.
     The most curious stat I've come across so far, however, has been on my least publicized and worked on blog Astonishingly, between, Childbirth Cheerleader, and this blog, the most viewed post of all time remains I have not advertised this post and barely do much on this particular blog.
     The post itself was helpful to write. I wrote it awhile back and really wrestled with how to make it express what I had desired could've happened around Julia's due date. I worked with quite an emotional ardor to bring forth a vision of what I truly desired for my last baby's birth. This was the therapeutic part. I then left it in my editing area to clean up.  I didn't publish it till weeks later. It is much longer than most of my posts and really and truly meant for me. I liked some of the elements in it so I decided to publish it.
     This is the mystery: why is it my most viewed post of all three of my blogs?! I find it rather curious. Who would really be that interested in a lengthy, rather personal post about what I wished had happened with my last delivery? Kind of strange. I'm thinking that perhaps my story- writing abilities, fiction writing, might be a better avenue for me to go! "This is what I imagine my life was like...." That would be far too unhelpful for me, though. I am a realist to the end.
      For those of you who read my blog, but might not know many details about Julia's birth, you would never be able to figure out where I had her or who my doctor or the nurses were. I've strived to keep all those details out of the public eye in every possible way.  I'm not quite sure why, except that I don't feel that making people's mistakes public with their names attached to them is fair or kind. It's not who I am or what I want to do. What if I messed up in a professional way? I wouldn't want that knowledge made public for anyone to see. (Unless I choose to write a blog post about it -and I have!) I have never gone to a doctor's rating site to give an honest evaluation of any of my doctors, except the Birth Survey This particular sight I absolutely and completely recommend that every woman who's given birth in the past 3 years go to. It's well-done and informative. I feel that it is appropriate to inform women about birth providers in the right setting. I did put a review of the hospital in a rating review website some time ago, but left names of individuals out of the post. Again, not the right place. However, I wanted to inform people about that particular hospital. But I'm getting into an area that I reserve for my Childbirth Cheerleader blog.
     I don't think I'll get an answer as to who is viewing that particular, rather obscure post. I suspect that when people type in certain search words that are in that title, my post accidentally comes up. If the post helps anyone, other than me, then I'm glad for them. This new world of blogging is fascinating, mysterious, and international. I have people from Russia, China, and even Slovenia (where is Slovenia?) clicking on my posts. Imagine that!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Get It

     Long wait in the ER.
     Suspected broken ankle.
     Finally put in a room. Only to wait some more...
     And some more....
     Overheard in the next room over:
     "Do you know what time the surgery will be scheduled tomorrow?"
     "No, I don't. Probably in the early afternoon."
     "We have a huge birthday party planned for him."
     "I would cancel it. He really needs this surgery."
     More muffled talking and then sobs and whimpering cries from a young boy.
     "I'm sorry. I can't make your social plans for you. I have patients to see. You know, I have patients..."
     Yeah, my daughter!
     "He's really afraid of having blood drawn."
     I look back at my 13 year-old daughter lying on the tiny little exam table in the teeny closet they put us in. Waiting...more waiting...
     And then, out in the small hallway at the work station that connected three exam rooms together,
     "Ma'am-you need to get off this phone. I need to process patients and do charting. This is my work area."
     I glance out into the hallway and see the telephone caller start yelling at the nurse. "I am calling his father! I need his help in getting his blood drawn. My cell phone isn't working!"
     "I need to work here!"
     "I AM CALLING HIS FATHER! The other nurse said I could use this phone!" By now the lady is screaming at the impatient, indignant nurse. It's getting really, really ugly.
     "You can't talk to me that way!" the nurse says.
     "I can talk to you any way I want, +#$%@!"
     "I'm calling security!"
     "Go  ahead! I don't care, you &%*$)+_!"
     All the while I'm just staring at the lady, wondering if she'll notice me peeking out of the exam room and watching her cuss out the nurse. I thought that if she saw me I might be able to calm her down a bit by distracting her if nothing else.
     Stressed out mother. Overworked nurse.
     Been her. Know her.    
     You see, I get it. I get being angry and out of control. I get being totally inappropriate in dealing with anxiety, impatience, fear, selfish ambition, pride, stress, exhaustion, foolishness, etc. You name it. It's an awful reality, but it feels so right and justified at the time. I'm also aware of how ineffective people are in trying to calm down angry people.
     A gentle answer turns away wrath...The Bible says this and it's true. There are other techniques I've learned that really, really help.
    The scene got more and more charged as the nurse came back. Three security guards came and the lady and the nurse and got in each other's faces. It got close to physical violence. Dr. ER came over to calm the lady down, as well as the security guards. All the while I was staring at the whole thing transpire. I don't think anyone noticed. I didn't really care. I was tired, weary, and so wanted to get my daughter cared for so I could go home. After things settled down a bit I heard the little boy still whimpering and crying in his room with several ladies, including his vexed mother. I stepped in to that exam room to have a word with her.
     "Um, excuse me. Hi there. I was wondering if you wanted to take this dollar and make a call using the pay phone in the vending machine room in the waiting area. Maybe if you called from there you could let the nurse have her work station back so my daughter could be seen a little sooner." I was as sweet and gentle as I could muster up as I held out my tightly folded up dollar. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I don't need that money."
     "OK." And I went back to my teeny closet with the all-white sterile walls and teeny exam table that my daughter was half laying on. And I continued to pray and ask God for help, patience, whatever...
     About 20 minutes later the lady and her friends were about to leave with her son. She peeked her in head in my room and said, "Thank you." She was very sincere and seemed grateful. My gesture of the dollar for the pay phone seemed to  mean a lot to her. She hardly seemed like the lady who was ranting at the nurse just half an hour ago or so. I was actually surprised at her demeanor.
     Not long after, Camille was seen, diagnosed with a fracture, bandaged up and we were sent on our way. Thank you God! As we were leaving down the hallway we walked past the lady and her friends. She looked at me as I was passing by and said again, with such gratitude, "Thank you."
     "No problem," I said as I walked by and smiled.
     I get it. I really do get it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Can't There Be 25 Hours in a Day?

    Note: this is a rambling post of disjointed ideas. Bear with me if you dare....
cute, creative, FREE seed pots
This style of house is appealing to me. Go figure!
I grew up in a Craftsman style house.
       Since Julia was born I mysteriously lost all interest in television watching and movie viewing. A couple of movies look interesting, but I won't commit the 1 1/2+ hours to watching the entire thing. I can't explain why this is so. On the upside, I've developed a voracious interests in all sorts of unrelated random subjects. For example, I'm interested in learning about residential architecture (particularly Mid-Century Modern homes), jewelry making, vegetable and flower gardening using free supplies (think eggshells and 2 liter bottle mini greenhouses), baking bread with freshly ground wheat, homeopathic personal care items (if I smell funny, please tell me!), the facts regarding lawsuits and obstetricians (I've already obtained some articles about this topic), investing and financial planning, including money-saving tips on EVERYTHING, and how the internet works (I still can't wrap my brain around it).
John Piper - this guy rocks!
     But that's not all.  I have some theology-related interests as well. After hearing a man from my church tell me he's heard all 120+ sermons of John Piper's on the book of Romans, I got jealous. I want to hear all those sermons! Come to think of it, studying the entire book of Romans over a two year period is my aim. I want to really know that book because it is so foundational to my faith.
My children's bedroom will never look like this,
but I can always dream...
     I also have a curiosity about meteorology and want to peruse some books about that. I'm also interested in some home decorating ideas, particularly for children's bedrooms. I've decided that wallpaper borders do not go in children's rooms. They always seem to "peel off" right near the girls beds. Hmmm....coincidence? I'm thinking of making quilted wall hangings (think "earthquake safe") with the girls' baby pictures ironed on them (using fabric iron-on transfers, of course). I'm also keeping my eye out for playful and easy-to-do stencils for their walls, too.
Dr Biter - several lawsuits filed against him,
though he is extremely popular with patients
(although not with all, apparently)
     I've got a condensed version of Middle East politics - their history and the current situation. I really don't know what's going on in the Middle East - except that we're at war, it's bad, and I'm sad about all the horrible reports I'm hearing. I really need to have a better grasp of the facts regarding that volatile part of the world.
The President has a daunting task
regarding Middle East negotiations
     Anyway, I hope  I haven't exhausted you with all my curiosities and information ambitions. I'd like to do a follow up post over the year on what areas of info I have tackled and what projects I've completed. Most of my house and garden projects will be posted on my other blog The Domain of Delightful Domesticity.I have so many projects, and am so disorganized in my approach that I'm trying to figure out a time everyday or at least every week where I can  tackle just one book or project. I also want to figure out how I can involve my children in many of my projects.
     I really don't miss TV or movies at all.