Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Can't There Be 25 Hours in a Day?

    Note: this is a rambling post of disjointed ideas. Bear with me if you dare....
cute, creative, FREE seed pots
This style of house is appealing to me. Go figure!
I grew up in a Craftsman style house.
       Since Julia was born I mysteriously lost all interest in television watching and movie viewing. A couple of movies look interesting, but I won't commit the 1 1/2+ hours to watching the entire thing. I can't explain why this is so. On the upside, I've developed a voracious interests in all sorts of unrelated random subjects. For example, I'm interested in learning about residential architecture (particularly Mid-Century Modern homes), jewelry making, vegetable and flower gardening using free supplies (think eggshells and 2 liter bottle mini greenhouses), baking bread with freshly ground wheat, homeopathic personal care items (if I smell funny, please tell me!), the facts regarding lawsuits and obstetricians (I've already obtained some articles about this topic), investing and financial planning, including money-saving tips on EVERYTHING, and how the internet works (I still can't wrap my brain around it).
John Piper - this guy rocks!
     But that's not all.  I have some theology-related interests as well. After hearing a man from my church tell me he's heard all 120+ sermons of John Piper's on the book of Romans, I got jealous. I want to hear all those sermons! Come to think of it, studying the entire book of Romans over a two year period is my aim. I want to really know that book because it is so foundational to my faith.
My children's bedroom will never look like this,
but I can always dream...
     I also have a curiosity about meteorology and want to peruse some books about that. I'm also interested in some home decorating ideas, particularly for children's bedrooms. I've decided that wallpaper borders do not go in children's rooms. They always seem to "peel off" right near the girls beds. Hmmm....coincidence? I'm thinking of making quilted wall hangings (think "earthquake safe") with the girls' baby pictures ironed on them (using fabric iron-on transfers, of course). I'm also keeping my eye out for playful and easy-to-do stencils for their walls, too.
Dr Biter - several lawsuits filed against him,
though he is extremely popular with patients
(although not with all, apparently)
     I've got a condensed version of Middle East politics - their history and the current situation. I really don't know what's going on in the Middle East - except that we're at war, it's bad, and I'm sad about all the horrible reports I'm hearing. I really need to have a better grasp of the facts regarding that volatile part of the world.
The President has a daunting task
regarding Middle East negotiations
     Anyway, I hope  I haven't exhausted you with all my curiosities and information ambitions. I'd like to do a follow up post over the year on what areas of info I have tackled and what projects I've completed. Most of my house and garden projects will be posted on my other blog The Domain of Delightful Domesticity.I have so many projects, and am so disorganized in my approach that I'm trying to figure out a time everyday or at least every week where I can  tackle just one book or project. I also want to figure out how I can involve my children in many of my projects.
     I really don't miss TV or movies at all.


foutfolk said...

Certainly random, but interesting.

I like that you are all over the page (and that you know that you are). If you were not aware of it, I THEN would be scared. Of YOU!

As it is, you are just fabulously interested in so many aspect of your life. Which reminds me of a thinking, feeling, cognizant, compassionate, caring person working through and living a FULL life. And in your case, a FULL life. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun to stencils have you seen the decals they now sell at craft stores for kid's bedrooms? Looks like a huge time saver (that is, if they stay on...) Mare

19lt70 said...

Hi Mare: Yes I have seen those stencils. I keep looking at them and picturing which ones might look good on my girls' bedroom walls. I'm just at the looking stage these days, however. I usually do painting/room redecorating in the summer.