Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Post About Babies, Etc.

     Really, though, I have very little to say these days in the blogosphere. Easter was lovely. My big crowd was a little smaller than I originally expected - about 21 or so people. It was enjoyable spending time with my stepbrother Ethan's wife Ashley. They had their 5th baby about 4 months ago and she is adorable. Of course, I love talking about child birth stories and we did! Her last labor was surprisingly more difficult than she had anticipated. "Um, yeah, sometimes that happens..." At any rate,  I gave her some suggestions for avoiding some of the problems she had with this last delivery. That is, of course, if they decide to have another baby. This 5th baby of hers, much like mine was, is easy. That frequently makes a woman more likely to seriously consider having another baby.
     In fact, because Daisy was fairly easy and I didn't feel quite done, I decided to have Julia. Well, lo and behold, just like I anticipated, she has been challenging. Her demeanor is fairly mellow, but her energy level is sky high! She never stops moving. My brother nicknamed her "D.T." - for '"Domestic Terrorist." Tim and I agreed, however, that Chloe was even more challenging at that age. My brother shook his head in disbelief. Ha! Julia, being very active and a rotten sleeper (bless her sweet little unsleepy self) has cured me of wanting another baby. I am permanently done with pregnancy concerns- yeah! - and have no struggle whatsoever with regret or a longing for another baby. Had I not had Julia, however, I probably would have wondered and longed for that 6th child. And a small part of me really wanted to enjoy my last pregnancy and childbirth knowing it was my last; "The best laid plans of mice and men..."  And yet God is my Redeemer, my Provider, my Friend, and an all-wise, all- knowing God. And he has a sense of humor.
     And so, currently I'm trying to tie up all the loose ends on a mother and daughter retreat that my church is putting on at the end of April. I had forgotten that I had volunteered in the fall to "help out." So, of course, that means coordinating the whole thing! Uh, is this what I signed up for? I assembled an amazing group of women at church to help with all the little details I'm not good at. So, it hasn't been that bad. My favorite part is the goody bags I'm assembling. That's been lots of fun.
     And I only have 8 weeks left of the school year....Ahh...I can't wait!

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