Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shoe Shopping

I was on the phone this morning with Brent back and forth a couple of times about shutting down the utilities and he mentioned that the deed had recorded. Our rental property had sold and we no longer owned it. It was just very matter-of-fact. I have laughed a little more throughout the day, though, and perhaps it will hit me on the 3rd of next month when I don't have to pick up rent checks anymore. Ohh...Tim is still mopey and rather depressed about the whole thing. That bothers me and I'm tempted to be impatient with him about it, but I'm praying about it and thinking of a way to comfort and encourage him. I'm not responsible for his feelings, though, and perhaps he just needs time and God's help in seeing it His way.
Anyway, I was taking Camille, Leanne, and Chloe shoe shopping this evening at the mall. I really dislike that whole part of my job. I have to exhibit patience and determination to make sure that the girls are totally comfortable in their new shoes before we buy them so that I don't hear a week later after they've worn them all over town: "They hurt my feet" and I've just spent $40. (This has really happened more than once!)However, the shopping gods were good to us and Chloe and Leanne each got 2 pairs of shoes and then we were off to PayLess for Camille's shoes. Camille was searching out her shoe choices thoughtfully while Chloe and Leanne began picking out high heel boots, platform shoes, and very "diva" like shoes to put on. They were getting the shoes stuck on their feet if you can believe it (this was hilarious!)and I kept telling them to put the shoes back in their correct boxes. I was watching the PayLess employee straightening out all the shoes and putting them back and I was hoping he wouldn't escort us out the store for making his job impossible to do. Needless to say, the girls got the shoes back in the boxes after unsticking them from each others' feet. It was funny. As I watched Chloe in one high-heeled pump walk down the aisle away from me I was struck with a vision from the future. One day those shoes would fit and she would walk away from me for good. She would be a grown woman and leave home. The thought of it almost brought me to tears. I just keep thinking she'll be 5 forever. That's how it should be, right? Oh, a hard reality check. As we were getting in the car later, after the requisite stop at See's candy for lollipops and their tasty chocolate samples, she said "Thanks, Mom. I had a great time. You're the best. I want to be like you." Driving up Baldwin Avenue in the dark of night the tears finally slipped down my cheeks after I heard those words. Camille had to clarify them for me because Chloe's articulation is still a little weak at times. I laughed at first because it was so earnest and cute, but was struck at what a compliment I took that to be.I hope she's much better than me when she grows up. I hope and pray that with God's grace she will be a lovely woman who fulfills God's purposes for her life to the fullest. Knowing her intense,driven, enthusiastic spirit I don't doubt she will.


dietcokegrrl said...

Hey I found your blog!!! Beautiful post--I too have brief visions of the future of Sammy or Hannah when they do something that reminds they won't be 4 and 2 forever. I need to remember that no matter how tired/frustrated/stressed I am, I need to enjoy these times because they will be gone all too soon.

I love the description of the girls shoes shopping--I can't wait until Hannah is old enough to really go some true shopping with me. YAY!

And what a sweet moment with Chloe--it makes everything worth it, doesn't it?

La-de-la said...

As Laura's eldest sister I read this entry with laughter in my heart and tears in my eyes. I could envision Chloe doing exactly what she was doing cuz Laura used to do it as a little kid. She LOVED shoes. She would play with my moms but was especially thrilled when a neighbor lady down the street would let her play in her closet. Her shoes were fancier than my mom's. There were also the visits to the Standard Brand shoe store that had a giant shoe you could play in--we all loved that. It also reminded me of the child's nursery rhyme "A little old lady who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn't know what to do." Never in a million years would I have ever thought then that Laura would have so many kids. And I thank her, Tim and God for bringing each and every one of those beautiful souls into my life. I see God's light shining brightly in my life thru the faces of my precious nieces.