Monday, October 6, 2008

"Our" Disney Princesses

OK, so it's obvious things have been a little uneventful lately. Our sweet Daisy, 2 1/2 years, saw a book she chose from the library featuring the Disney princesses and pointed out "Snow Wipe." Well, I thought this was hysterical. She said it so innocently and it was just funny, funny,. funny. We started renaming all the princesses: we now have "Smelle," "Hairy Hell" (I know - I shouldn't laugh about bad words, but I'm not that sanctified yet), "Moolong," "Cinderswella," and "Weeping Beauty." We think she's weeping because of all the bad names her princess sisters have, or maybe because Snow Wipe is wiping her with snow! It is possible that Smelle has shown up and it's unbearable for all of them, even Hairy Hell who's shedding everywhere! We have irreverant humor and I'm hoping God can forgive me for leading my daughters astray. Perhaps we shouldn't laugh anymore, but it's been rather slow lately...

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