Friday, September 26, 2008

Smelly memories and caramel sundaes

My earliest childhood memory involves me standing on a patch of grass next to my garage at the house I lived in as a small child on the corner of Madeline Drive and Pasadena Avenue. The lawn next door had just been mowed and it was St. Augustine grass. That particular type of grass has a distinct, clean, "freshy" smell. It's hard to describe, but every time I smell it I'm brought right back to being 2 1/2 years old. I love that smell. Isn't it interesting that a smell would characterize my earliest memory? I still drive by that house from time to time and I always point it out to my girls. "That's the house I lived in when I was a baby!" I tell them. They've heard it a million times, but I'm glad they can see some of my history. Both my parents grew up far from where they raised me, and I never saw my Mom's childhood home. There's this huge part of her life that I can't relate to. I can take my girls past the pre-school I went to, the elementary school I attended, and all of the schools I went to for that matter. I can point to the parks I played at as a child, the store I got my ears pierced at when I was 5, and the restaurant I went to after high school football games - Twoheys. I would order the caramel sundae and it was gooood. Some of those calories, however, are still sitting on my hips! I've taken the girls there a couple of times and they can get a feel for one part of my life that holds good memories-and they get to eat a yummy sundae.(It's tradition - we have to get the caramel sundae! I'll get back on my diet tomorrow...)

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