Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"I bet you cry about your nose"

So, I was in the library on Wednesday night dealing with library "issues" (damaged tape, found the "lost" book that I had paid $22 to the library for weeks ago, picked up books I had transferred from elsewhere in the Pasadena library system, etc) and I was making friendly conversation with the librarian who had braided his coarse, black, long beard. He had a mustache and other interesting hair designs on his head and I found myself curious about his creative personality. (He was one of those cool artist types that I admire. He would never say anything silly or rude - like me- because he's too cool. I really admire that.) He was very down-to-earth and friendly, but it was taking awhile for him to write up the paperwork for the damaged tape that my new $25 tape cassette player from Target had eaten up (ugh! That replaced tape will cost me $14!!!)I noticed on the desk a paper that read "Banned Library Patrons" and insructions to call the police, other libraries, security, etc. I started laughing at the thought of crazed library patrons harrassing unsuspecting library goers and staff and I asked Cool Hair Guy about it. As we're talking about it this short, rotund, pleasant-looking lady with a rather nice nose, I might add, comes walking over to me and says very seriously, "I bet you cry 8 days a week about your nose." I quickly replied, "Oh no, I love my nose. " "No," she contended, "you must cry 8 days a week about your nose. You couldn't like your nose. And you have that scratch on your nose..." It was true about the scratch. (Where did that come from?) I replied with great confidence, and rather amused at how rude she was, "I love my nose. God gave me a great nose. It's the perfect nose for my face." Cool Hair Guy intervened at this point and shooed her away. She departed from me and he apologized for her rudeness. I laughed heartily and remarked, "Oh, don't apologize. She must be one of those banned library patrons that list refers to. I'll have a great time retelling this story." According to him, her reputation for harassing innocent, vulnerable (hopefully not vain) library patrons is, in library terms, "well circulated."
On a side note, I think my husband Tim has one of the nicest noses I've ever seen. My daughter Elena has his nose and it is very lovely. It got me thinking about rhinoplasty and you can almost always tell when someone has had a nose job. It's too perfect. Their nose has that slightly pinched look to it. I will notice those perfect noses and begin to wonder what their faces looked like before they got their new nose. It's quite distracting to me, actually. I also wonder about the children they might bear. Their children will expose their real noses if the Gene Pool doles out (most likely) Mommy's nose. How will they feel about this? On the other hand, I once knew this man that had this rather narrow face with a VERY wide nose. It really filled his face up. But it was his nose, it made him unique, and a narrower, more "perfect" nose wouldn't have looked right. I realize this whole topic makes me sound really shallow. I'm not really that shallow - I'm just a very visual person. Who loves her nose.

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dietcokegrrl said...

HAHAHAHA!! Thanks for the laugh!! That is totally crazy and I would have been a little good for you.

And yes, you have a lovely nose!