Monday, September 22, 2008

Moody Monday

I generally like Monday mornings. It can be a bit tough getting the kids out of bed, but then that's true every morning. This Monday I had a hard time getting out of bed. After Julia woke up at round 3 am I fed her and then lay in bed thinking and unable to go back to sleep. The current challenge I'm facing just kept swirling around my brain and a peace about it wouldn't settle in my thinking, and then - wah la!(Is that how you spell that? The thing magicians say when their magic trick has reached its point of, well, magic?)The answer came to me and it was a thought, a realization, a thread of wisdom that will help me sew together a solution for a problem that I'm dealing with. I now need to pray for wisdom and God's provision to see how this solution materializes. Right now, however, my darling Daisy is wearing a turtleneck, a pull-up that smells like it's going to demand some attention, and reading a book to her brown monkey that she's placed in Julia's baby swing. She's just put on my big size-10 tennis shoes and has proceeded to carry the monkey off. Well, I need to go attend to her and then keep working on the numbers for our rental property. It appears we have a potential buyer for our 4-unit property and if this sale goes through then we will be done with a stressful, costly, difficult chapter of our lives. We'll see. I'll keep you posted...

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