Saturday, July 3, 2010

Roller Coasters and Reflexology: Whoo-Hoo and Ahhh...

In a 2 day span of time, my body has been thrust through air in 360 degree circles, I've fallen over 100 feet in midair, twisted, glided, been rocketed upwards at speeds exceeding 100 mph, whizzed through the air at high speeds on my belly and had my head jerked and pulled in every direction imaginable. I've shrieked, "Oh God! Oh God!" numerous times in sheer terror and exhilaration. My neck, shoulders, fingers and toes have been squeezed, grabbed, pounded on, rubbed and pummeled. My feet, arms, and back have been massaged,  pressed on, pulled, and  popped till I groaned, "uugghhh" and "ahhh...".

     And I loved every minute of it.

     It started about a month ago when Camille (pictured in upper left corner) asked to go to Magic Mountain with her non-skiddish, daring, FUN friends for her 13 the birthday. So, a month prior to her birthday, we embarked on our anticipation-filled trip to Six Flags Tattoo Mountain. Oh, sorry, that would be Six Flags Magic Mountain. (I got distracted at the memory of all those bare shoulders and legs with lotsa' colorful, sprawling, curious-looking tattoos. Tattoos will most likely be a whole separate blog post). We arrived early, waited in line, and then attacked the lines of the best rides EVER. To be with these 11 and 12 year old girls, one who was a newbie to Magic Mountain, Haylie,  was simply and utterly delightful. Shannon, the experienced Magic Mountain goer, filled me in on all the details about the rides. These girls, so charming and sweet, ran through the park, gave each other victorious "we lived to tell about it"  high fives, plotted excitedly their next destination of sheer delight and terror, and said continually throughout the day, "That was soooo awesome! Thank you sooo much Mrs. Thomas/Mom for bringing us here today. You rock!" To share in their enthusiasm, clapping and cheering in sheer jubilation as I watched them fall 150 feet and then swing back and forth 50 feet in the air on "Dive Devil" (a little extra $, but so worth it), made all my aches and pains the next day totally worth it.
     And I was rewarded. My sweet, classy and generous stepsister, Wendy, scheduled a 1 hour reflexology massage for for the two of us the next day - her treat (thanks again Wendy!). That would describe the massaging, pinching and pummeling in the latter part of the first paragraph. It was so wonderful and relaxing. I got to keep all my clothes on, too! Afterward, we traipsed through Old Town to a cute little Parisian cafe and had a sumptuous lunch and wonderful conversation.We'll have to make it a regular outing for sure!
     Magic Mountain, however, well....let's'll be 4 more years till Leanne turns thirteen so I have some time to recover. Whew! I'll need it. And unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of us at Magic Mountain. I was worried about losing my camera or cell phone, and photos they take of you there were a small fortune. So, perhaps I'll update this blog post later with a picture of the three giggly, spirited tweenagers.

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