Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's On Your Night Stand?

     So, in the last year God has returned to me my passion for reading. In 4th grade I way out- read the 2nd place winner of the "Who Can Read the Most Books" contest by far. My prize? A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. I'm sad to write this, but my reaction was, after I yawned (on the inside, that is) B~O~R~I~N~G. For some reason, poetry doesn't excite or engage me like I wished it would. I've written poetry in the past, but don't enjoy reading it too much - except for children's poetry. (That's my intellectual level!). A lot of poetry is too esoteric and figurative for me. I'm a very literal, concrete kind of person. I don't get nuances very well, although I notice little details about people and can "read" them fairly accurately - sometimes. But we're talking about books, not humans.

      Anyway, from the top left down to the right in the picture here's the list of books (and general publications) I read a little or a lot from most evenings before I go to bed. Sometimes I'll read after I've read to Daisy when I  lay her down next to me to nap in the early afternoon.
- Thriving Family magazine by Focus on the Family publications
-Sovereign Grace Times church bulletin from some Sunday morning, probably the most recent.
-Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem. I started this tome with the idea to work through a chapter a month. I'm not quite making that goal, at all. But I want to.
-Grace for the Moment Volume 1 by Max Lucado. Short snippets of inspiration from his many bestselling books, which have really comforted, instructed, and inspired me.
-The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
-Ten Minutes to Bedtime! by Peggy Rathmann. We loved the cover off this book!
-The Complete Perennials Book by Ortho Books. This book has cool garden plans.
-Various spiral binders with I'm not sure what is written in them.
-My IPod Touch with a hot pink protective cover. I input my calories burned at the end of the day on my Lose It! application. I also have an alarm set to wake me in the morning to take Tim to the Metro. This also has the ESV Bible application on it so I can read my daily devotional readings in the morning or before bed at night. Whenever I can!
-Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen. This is my latest library treasure. This book is so well-written and interesting to read.
-The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I was given this book by my church on Mother's Day. I'm so glad, too, because I needed a new book about motherhood for inspiration. So far, so good.
The Pleasures of God by John Piper. This book is actually very challenging to get through, despite the title. It's theologically meaty with deep truths to be mined from it. I just need to commit a few pages a day to it.
-Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. This book was chosen for a women's book group that will hopefully be starting soon at church. I really glean so many awesome things from book groups, so I was encouraged to see one being started. This book is very intellectual and I appreciate that. I skipped ahead to the middle of the book to read about how the Industrial Revolution changed the dynamics of family structure, detrimentally. Very stimulating and thought-provoking. And that's it. 

So, what's on your night stand?

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Heather Griffith Brewer said...

I'll bite.
"Pushed" by Jennifer Block--A book about obstetrics (and what's wrong with it). Awesome info!
"Ina Mays Guide To Childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin--Common sense birth.
I also have current copies of Glamour and Marie Claire...because one cannot live on childbirth alone.