Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Birthday Season!

     It's that time of year again. Three birthdays in three weeks! Daisy turned 4 on April 19th and we had a small family party (although with my family "small" is not quite how I'd describe it.)
     For Leanne, who turned 9 on April 27th, we went to Griffith Park to ride the ponies and then play at the park. We went to Islands in Glendale and had an amusing and yummy lunch.

     My brother and his wife sent generous gift cards to Target so the three birthday girls had a blast shopping for their own birthday presents. Although I was a bit frenzied and exhausted at the end of this shopping trip, I feel this is a great way to give birthday presents for kids! They had a fabulous time.
     Chloe's birthday was May 8th. We went swimming at my sister's the day before and had pizza and cake. The next day Chloe had some more birthday money so she got to go shopping again after having a cinnamon roll at Bean Town. Later that day, though, her ear was bothering her considerably, despite being on antibiotics and Tylenol for a painful ear infection. Poor dear.

      My girls' aunts, uncles, and grandparents like to take them out for individual little dates for their birthdays. I cherish this practice because my girls eagerly look forward to those special one-on-one times with their relatives. They are part of such a big family that those special times are truly unique and memorable. Thank you all for that.
     Around all of my girls' birthdays I remember those moments when I first saw their face, how they were born, and what those first few days were like after I brought them home. So many intense memories course through my mind and emotions. Their births are significant markers in my life where my heart opened a little bigger, my emotions deepened,  my mind was pressed to greater problem-solving and juggling abilities, and my vision was broadened to observe all that this new little baby would need as she grew.With each child I had to grow up a little more. (I should be more mature by now, you'd think, huh?)
     And grow they have! Wow...thank you Lord for each one of them. Please continue to give me greater wisdom, patience, kindness, discipline and love for each one of them. Help me to do right by them. Please, despite my failings-and I have many of them, help them to see you in a grand way, trust you wholeheartedly, follow after you exuberantly, and love you in a very unique, lasting, and personal way. If they all come to their own special and steadfast love for you till the last days of their life, I will consider that my job as their mother was satisfactorily done. Thank you, Jesus, for such a marvelous opportunity to see your strength, power, and faithful, creative love for me and these precious daughters of mine.
     And in a similar sentimental vein, I bought small gifts for all my girls and Tim for Mother's Day. A little backwards, you might ask? I wanted to validate and celebrate that each of those special people made me a mother. Without them I wouldn't be celebrating Mother's Day. Plus, I thought I'd surprise them, too!


Gillian said...

Happy Mother's Day, Laura! You are one tremendous Mama! Glad the blog world keeps us connected.

Will you guys be in Colorado this summer?

Love to everyone,

dietcokegrrl said...

Happy Birthday to all the birthday girls...and Happy Mother's Day to you.

We are in Utah...I'll call you soon.

foutfolk said...

WOW . . . they are so grown now! It's hard to believe it. Wish them Happy Birthday form us out here. :)