Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random Things and Fall is Here!

It's Sunday morning and I'm at my computer looking over old blog posts. I'm dressed for church and really want to go, but Julia has been sick and is napping right now. I wanted to take her to church and at least enjoy worship - even if it means chasing her around the back of the church. I can't bear the thought of waking her up, though. I was up with her for about an hour and a half last night. She seems to have left ear pain and I fear it's an ear infection. I'm going to have to get her into the ENT this week if she doesn't seem better. She's been up A LOT this week. Many nights I've gone to her 4 or 5 times to try and settle her. I think what's making things worse is that she doesn't always get her antihistamine at night like she should. If I go out at night Tim might forget it or I forget to give it to her. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering everything I should. Oh well.

This week I'm starting the "Felicity" book series for Leanne's history curriculum. My girls love the American Girl books and dolls. They can really break the bank, but they are very high quality products. I love using historical fiction as a tool to teach history. So, this week we'll delve into early American Colonial history with Felicity. Leanne and I are both looking forward to it.

Yesterday I got a tearful call from someone close to me. Her birth control method had failed and she was pregnant. Oops! She's been cramping and bleeding for weeks and was worried about all that that could mean. I quickly arranged childcare and went to the hospital to be with her. It appears to be an ectopic pregnancy. She seems to be doing well when I spoke with her this morning. She commented that she was amazed at how well she slept in the hospital. I told that as I was up with Julia she came to mind and I was praying that very thing for her: Help her to sleep well, Lord. I know how everything hurts so much more when you're exhausted.(One of the most challenging things about Julia's birth was that when I delivered her I had been awake, and very active, for over 30 hours. I was totally exhausted and depleted. Sleep is soooo important!) When I hung up with her this morning she was still waiting for her ob/gyn's partner to come into the hospital and talk with her about what was going to happen next. I heard her asking other people at the hospital, "Have you heard anything about Dr. So and So? My regular doctor is on vacation, so I have to see Dr. So and So. What have you heard?" I could so relate to her concerns and wanting to be reassured that she was in good hands. I've been there. She was told that Dr. So and So is very good. I'm hoping and praying this is her experience. I'm sure everything will go fine with her. Pregnancy loss, even an unexpected one, is always laden with emotions. I will continue to pray for her.

The weather is turning fall-ish. I LOVE fall weather almost as much as spring weather. I love cool, slightly overcast, windy fall days. LOVE THEM! However, fall tends to be a harder time for me emotionally. My emotions seem much more sensitive and I struggle with feeling "normal" and upbeat much more in September, October, and November. I have a couple of theories about this. Throughout my life fall contained some events associated with difficult losses. My Mom was very ill and died in mid-November. Also, we came back from Mammoth every summer and had to leave carefree, idyllic summer days behind and start school. There's also less light in the fall and I'm light-sensitive. I seem affected by dark days with a corresponding "darker" mood. Anyway, at least I'm aware of these things now. This fall seems a little better, though.

I'm going to enjoy a quiet house now, take my church outfit off, and maybe take a nap.

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dietcokegrrl said...

Sorry Julia is sick! Hope she is feeling better soon. Sorry you had to miss church--especially when you're all dressed and ready to go.

I too am enjoying the cooler fall-like weather, hope it sticks around!