Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sensational Sleep

(Isn't this baby so precious? I love newborns!)I just finished my second week of homeschooling and I haven't given up yet (despite a 4th bout of head lice in 9 months. Ugh...)Is there a medal out there for me? I am just kidding. It's actually gone very well. The girls and I are on a productive cleaning schedule and our morning school schedule yields finished assignments and plenty of instruction and learning, although I'm always needing to tweak it here and there. So far, I'm very pleased with how things are going. My mornings are VERY busy and I'm usually disciplined at not answering the phone, which typically throws me off.(I love to talk! But then, you knew that...) The mid-afternoons tend to vary a bit, but everyone has a quiet time and I'll either run errands or lay down myself for a nap.
Ahhh...naps...sleep. What's that?!?! Seriously, though, when I lay down at the end of the night for sleep I feel extremely gratified at the industrious day I've put in at my home and with my children. It's such a pleasing thought to fall asleep knowing I made wise use of my time and resources and spent quality and quantity time with my kids (most of the time). I'm always confused when I hear of all the Americans who have trouble sleeping at night - and not due to pregnancy or babies that don't sleep well. It baffles me to think people need pills to fall asleep at night! I'm definitely not passing judgment, but I couldn't imagine that!I do remember, however, during some seasons (like when I only had two kids) when I would sleep too late or didn't do a lot throughout the day that I had a more difficult time sleeping. And then there's my last post that I typed up at 2 am. Sometimes I do have a lot on my mind, but most of the time I sleep quite well when outside forces don't impede my quest for quality sleep.
It's not that I love to sleep for long periods of time, nor do I need a lot sleep, but the sleep I get needs to be good quality sleep. Since I got pregnant with Julia a good night's sleep has detrimentally eluded me. She's sleeping better now, but she still has her crazy middle-of-the-night wake ups. Overall, though, we're both sleeping better.
I love everything about sleeping. I love my bed, my sheets have to be silky and soft (and a lovely color!), my down pillow can't be too thick or bouncy, and my pajamas have to be ultra comfortable and pretty. I've discovered the newer spandex-y material that they are making high end pajamas with these days. I can't buy cheap cotton or combed cotton pajamas anymore. And no pajama gowns-they're too twisty. Marshall's tends to have the best quality and best prices for the pajamas that I simply must have. When I do sleep, after all, it should be as enjoyable as I can get.
When I awake from sleep I rarely remember my dreams. I've heard that's best-my sleep was deep enough to forget what I dreamed about. There have been a couple of dreams in my life, however, that I've never forgotten. These have been very vivid visually. Most recently, since Julia's birth, I've had some real humdingers. I've had about 5 very vivid dreams not only in terms of visual impact, but emotional as well. One in particular was very powerful. And I don't know what it means. These dreams I've had in the last year have been loaded with MEGA imagery and meanings that I can only guess as to what they mean. Others that I have shared them with have had their opinions, but by and large I'm rather baffled by them. But they were very real and very powerful. For a time I believe I misinterpreted them and that was very troubling (sleep deprivation really does a number on my thinking!). These dreams had very exciting and encouraging parts as well as very troubling and mysterious parts. I believe really, though, that they're best left alone. I don't dwell on them or think much about them anymore. They are in my past - along with a whole lot of other stuff I'd rather forget about.
I was not planning on blogging about sleep or dreams, but I couldn't help it once I got started. I simply love thinking about, talking about, planning for and doing SLEEP!
I was actually going to blog about my trip to the Bonavista lounge at the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown LA yesterday. I saw this amusing sight that got me thinking....but I have many things to do right now like check on Julia. Where is that adorable busy baby? It's so quiet...gotta go!

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