Monday, September 7, 2009


So, I had a couple of minutes after finishing school this morning and I got to thinking about my trip to the Bonaventure the other day. Sarah and I and 8 kids (I know - I'll never take them all there again!) went to the revolving lounge at the Bonaventure at around 5:30 on Friday afternoon. As we were leaving I was waiting for the hostess to bring me my stroller. All 10 of us are waiting by the hostess podium-thing and we see two young, fresh-faced couples dressed to the nines walking down the stairs toward us. They check in with the hostess and I noticed one of the young men in particular. How could I not? He was tall, young, blondish and handsome. What I really noticed, though, was his bright white dazzling sports coat with matching pants and white dress shirt. The material was beautiful. It was shiny satin white stripes on white cotton material. (I loved textured clothing! Especially white dress shirts that have textures - very classy!). I looked over at his date who was young and gorgeous. They mentioned they were in a party of like 15 people or something. It appeared that they were having drinks before dinner or some fancy event. They all had anticipatory "we're going to have a lot of fun tonight" looks on their faces, but they did seem a little nervous. It was an interesting sight.
And then I looked down. I noticed it and looked again. Was that a - a - no, it couldn't be. Was it supposed to be like that? I noticed a rip in the tall, white in shining armor - oops, I mean suited- guy's pants. Agh! The pants were very loose, and there was a darkish color coming through the 3-inch rip at the seam of his backside. I stared for a moment and then thought Do I pull him aside and discreetly inform him of his unanticipated air conditioned pants? Do I ignore it, hoping every one else will, too? Will one his buddies or -God forbid-his date point it out? It was a brief dilemma which I pointed out to my sister in a very discreet manner. We looked at one another and tried not to laugh. I was embarrassed for the guy!
But, my stroller came and we left the young, beautiful people, one with a wardrobe malfunction, to themselves. I wondered what happened. What would you have done?

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