Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Spring of 2007

This picture was taken several weeks ago at Easter. Have I ever elaborated on how DIFFICULT it is to get a family of eight to pose for one, JUST ONE!, decent picture?(Have you noticed all my gray hair?! Ugh...) Anyway, you may be wondering why I would blog abut Springtime two years ago. Well, because the memories of that Spring are floating through my mind these days. I was going to write about them in my computerized journal, but wanted to blog about it instead.
So, 2 years ago Chloe started at Field Elementary in their pre-school class.She had just been cleared by PUSD as a special ed student and pre-school had been deemed necessary for her. I was ecstatic about that. Field Elementary is close by to my house and the starting time was 8:30. The teachers were very nice,the facility was educationally-rich, and I loved the vibe of the school. I was just beginning to leave Elena home with my other children for short trips and the freedom was liberating. Chloe had started at San Gabriel Medical Center in their outpatient speech therapy program with a seasoned and wonderful speech therapist in January of 2007. I was relieved about that. Daisy had weaned herself around this time which enabled me to start eating dairy foods and I was thrilled about that. Our Duarte home had finally been sold, our refi on our main property had gone through, and I was starting to sew more which I very much enjoy. I also had this crazy, but exciting notion that I wanted another baby. Imagine that! The Fall several months earlier had been one of the weightiest, most challenging seasons I have ever gone through. But, by Spring of 2007, all those issues had been pretty much resolved and taken care of. I felt so many burdens lifted and I love Springtime. Spring of 2007 was very sweet indeed. Just reflecting on that time makes me happy and hopeful. Maybe another season like that is upon me. Oh, please, Lord, even half the joy of that season would be welcomed....
One year later in the Spring of 2008 I was pregnant. Most of that Spring I was quite sick, stressed out, and exhausted. Tim was exploring different job changes and we were not in agreement with our overall mortgage situation on our rental property and our main home. I was overseeing fairly involved remodeling projects in two of our rental units and the company working for me needed some strong-arming and legal threatening. was miserable. My upcoming labor and delivery weighed on my mind as well as preparing for a sixth child. I was very sick with bronchial issues and some asthma attacks, as well as a debilitating foot condition called plantaar fasciitis. I could barely walk some mornings. I was also driving twice a week to Cal State LA for Chloe's speech therapy as well as once a week in town and I was exhausted at all the hours spent (6 per week between driving and sitting in on her appts.) The curriculum I had chosen for my older girls was very difficult and uninspiring. However, I was enthusiastic about planting my pumpkins and prenatal visits with my doctor were fun - we always laughed about various things and talked about gardening.(Funny people are such a gift to me. I really appreciate people who make me laugh. My friend Stephanie always makes me laugh. We have a similar sense of humor and I really appreciate her!)
Anyway, now here I am a year later and it is Springtime of 2009. Humh....I'm feeling better. The storm of grief and tears after Julia's birth seems to be slowly passing by. The clouds are beginning to clear a little and I'm so relieved. I'm looking forward to summer time and planning my girls' school year for Fall of 2009. I love planning for school. My future feels bright and that's all that matters to me now. I'll keep you posted.
Oh, and by the way, I did apologize to the bus driver. It was the right thing to do. I was told by the teacher who calmed me down that she felt really bad about the whole thing. Funny, she never expressed that to me. I did the right thing, though, and my conscience is clear. Hallelujah!

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dietcokegrrl said...

It's funny how things are so quick to change from year to year, but there is always hope for the least that what I have to tell myself.

Love hearing about all the memories.