Monday, January 12, 2009

A Quiet Monday Evening

Well, here I am sitting at my computer and it's a relatively quiet Monday night. Tim is out with Elena and Camille working on math and science, Leanne is eating ice cream, and our other littlest girls are all asleep. Camille was admitted to Children's Hospital last Wednesday night and was released on Friday morning. The MRI showed signs of a bone infection, but the docs at CHLA didn't see that. She got a full workup, though, and different antibiotics than before and they finally diagnosed her with a Group A strep infection. Her leg is back to normal with very little tenderness. Her gloomy mood has dissipated, although she feels sorry for herself because I've restricted her diet to less processed foods and sweets because of all the antibiotics she received.I'm trying to avoid an overgrowth of super yeast in her body. This newer diet has been the hardest part for her but I believe it's for her good. Being a Mom makes me very unpopular at times.

So, now the New Year has begun with medical drama that seems to have settled down. What's next? I'm almost waiting for the other shoe to drop and I hate to think that way. I keep telling myself that all these various issues with my kids is part of having a large family. I'm in the midst of everything right now, but I'll look back and rememeber these times fondly, right? "Enjoy them when they're little" old ladies have always told me. Yes, I do, but sometimes I'm just a little weary. Julia has begun solids, slowly. She seems ready for them, but not overly enthusiastic. So, I'm going slowly. Her bright, sweet, adoring smile melts my heart. I'm so glad I'm all done having kids and that I ended with her. What a perfect baby to have as my last. She's generally happy, although teething has been hard on her lately. She's got the prettiest smile and the chubbiest body. She's snuggly and lovable and so happy most of the time. God has been good to our family.

I don't have much else to write at this time, perhaps because I've got the gloomies currently. The perfect remedy for that is to do some gardening! The weather has been so beautiful here lately and the skies so blue. I found my little shovel and am aiming to dig some holes for pansies and cyclamen. I will buy the flowers once I've got the holes dug so I can stick them right in the ground. I can't tell you how many times I've bought flowers and have not planted them because I had not dug the holes first. So, a couple of holes a day should allow me to plant maybe a dozen or so flowers by the end of the week. I'll keep you posted...

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