Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet Honeybees

It's Monday and Daisy and I just returned from Target. I have nothing interesting to write about. I saw a movie yesterday afternoon: The Secret Life of Bees. It was good. I like Queen Latifah and she did a good job in this movie. Dakota Fanning's performance was excellent, too. I read the book about a year ago and it was good. I thought the movie did a great job of captivating the look and feel of the book and I recall the book events were closely followed. They didn't captivate the sweltering, suffocating, humidity of the South like the book did. Also, most of the women seemed younger in the movie than they were in the book. It was still excellent but it didn't really grab at my emotions like I was hoping for. I was hoping to really escape for the afternoon. I didn't. The thoughts and feelings I was hoping to take a break from never really left me thoughout the whole movie. Oh well....back to reality.
One thing I realized this morning is that when I'm tempted to focus on something that I shouldn't, I should actively praise God. I have in mind to meditate and memorize Psalm 103. There are a couple of other scriptures I'd like to look up in various versions to memorize and focus on throughout the day to bring comfort, truth, hope. I realize that this is a very valuable discipline that will help me dig myself out of the emotional hole I find myself in sometimes. It really is a conscious decision of my will and that shovel by little shovel I will dig myself out and come up for air. I will walk away from this season and into a brighter field, so to speak. Of course, I love the field behind my house and I love bees. I love that they drink nectar out of flowers and make sweet, sticky honey. I love the flowers they drink from and how productive they are. I love that their whole life is about getting something for others to benefit from. Do they think about themselves and their short life? Do they care that they are one of thousands in a hive, a colony and that they are not unique? Do they care that they contribute only a small amount to the overall honey crop? No - they are just busy, busy, busy. So, I think I will need to get busy, busy, busy in this business of committing God's word to my thinking and letting it affect my emotions as only God's living, breathing, true word can. I am not that important, but the little I contribute to the world in the big picture adds up to a small taste of sweet honey. I hope to be sweet and affect those around me accordingly. Let me drink from those sweet flowers of God's word and let them work themselves into my heart, thoughts, and words.

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