Sunday, June 3, 2012

"A"n Update On My Summer Checklist

All of these have to be done by June 1st:
1) take big microbiology test on the immune system and common bacterial pathogens
Grade: A-
List of things to do before mid-June 2012:
2)take final exam in microbiology on viruses and everything else I studied the whole semester
Final grade:A (96% in the class!!!)
3)take last developmental psychology quiz online
Final grade: A
4) help Leanne prepare her science project complete with photos, research, computer graphics and typed-up information on a huge display board
Grade: A+
5)register for Fall 2012, which includes hoping and praying I get the 8 -unit mega anatomy and physiology class at the right time to coordinate school pick up for 4 girls at 3 different schools and speech therapy for Julia in the fall
Result: registered for 2nd choice class, but prospects for switching to the morning lab I need is highly likely. My fall schedule should be fairly smooth.

Thank you Lord!!!
     Now on to the rest of my projects and plans. Success sure is a great incentive to keep going! (That is, after a much-needed nap....)


Anonymous said...

Laura, congratulations on your fantastic academic results!! Are you reporting that Leanne earned an A+ on her science project? If so, that's wonderful, phenomenal, fantastic, brillant, etc... you get the picture ;) Please give that kid a big hug and kudos from her Uncle Michael. Also heard that Camille earned a 4.0 GPA, which is also really awesome! Impressive!!

foutfolk said...

YEAH! I know smart people. :)