Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Prepare-For-Summer Checklist

List of things to do before mid-June 2012:
All of these have to be done by June 1st:
1) take big microbiology test on the immune system and common bacterial pathogens
2) take final exam in microbiology on viruses and everything else I studied the whole semester
3)take last developmental psychology quiz online
4) help Leanne prepare her science project complete with photos, research, computer graphics and typed-up information on a huge display board
5)register for Fall 2012, which includes hoping and praying I get the 8 -unit mega anatomy and physiology class at the right time to coordinate school pick up for 4 girls at 3 different schools and speech therapy for Julia in the fall
All of these have to be done by mid-June:
6)plan summer activities for my 6 kids and niece and nephew (two full days a week) and coordinate swim team, swim lessons, summer school, and small family vacations we are taking.
7)Prepare lessons and activities for three exchange students I am having beginning in late June and ending in mid-August.
8)Figure out if and when I can volunteer at my 2 hospitals I so enjoy working at, schedule the times and communicate with my volunteer supervisors.
9)Prepare my summer garden and then plant, maintain, and harvest vegetables and fruits throughout the summer and fall months.
10)Plan with Tim something to do for our 20th wedding anniversary in late August that doesn't stress me out childcare-wise or budget-wise
11)Finish painting projects in my girls' room and the bathroom.
12) Try to wrestle to some sense of order the many bookcases and closets, drawers and cupboards that are in hair-pulling DISARRAY.
13) lucky number....pray for God's grace, wisdom, and strength before, during and after, um...EVERYTHING!!!!!


dietcokegrrl said...

That seriously stresses me out just reading it!! I know if anyone can do it, you can!! <3

Andrea said...

I'm happy to help with #12! I love reorganizing stuff! And these summer months are supposed to be slower and calmer for me so I have more availability!