Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting the Right Ticket This Time

Los Angeles Trade Tech



     I've been a blogger dropout lately. I've been posting pictures on my newer Happy Snaps! blog and chronicled the GREAT GARAGE CLEANING FEAT on The Domain of Delightful Domesticity. On my other blog Childbirth Cheerleader I detail new developments regarding possible schooling and career pursuits. But those posts fits with those blogs, and tangentially to this one. With this blog I share perspectives on things I experience, but rarely specifics about plans. I like this blog to focus more on my thoughts and experiences that punctuate my days. So, without further adieu...    
     I went back to junior college these last few weeks. I first went  to my local one - it had been about 23 years since I had last been a student on this campus - plus several near downtown LA. Crazy! The impacted state of these colleges is unbelievable. It does seem, though, that the classes I might be taking are at some of those large junior colleges near Downtown. I'm not eager to drive down there every week, but it looks like the only option at this point.
     The one college I was at this week was quite exciting actually. It was between USC and Staples Center. Massive construction projects were going on, some big career expo was occurring in the quad area, and I finally found my way to a very impressive, modern looking building that looked newly built. I walk in the huge doors to see students milling around near computer stations. I look at all the signs trying to figure out if I'm even in the right building. I attempt to use the computer to get some help. It doesn't work. I then see a line of students and stand in it. Why not?I arrive at the counter guy, ask a few questions, and then am handed paperwork to fill out. "When you're done with that, get back in line and I'll give you a ticket to speak with an admissions officer." I follow his instructions dutifully. He then hands me the requisite 3 X 3 inch flimsy paper ticket. Within about 8 minutes my number is up, I proceed to the admissions clerk and am given very helpful information, instructions, and yet another ticket to head up to Matriculation to clear my pre-requisites. "Third floor," I'm told.
     I proceed to the third floor and keep walking around wondering which room I need to go to. The building is so new they barely have any signs up. I walked in one door that says "Assessment"  and see a huge, intimidating sign that says, "NO STUDENTS BEYOND THIS POINT." OK. Wrong door. I go out to the hallway and enter the next door. I then realize it's the other side of the room I just left. Only I see a couple of students waiting. I whisper to them, "Do you have a ticket?" Some did, some didn't. I'm confused again and wonder what to do. So I wait. Mercifully, a short time. Some incredibly efficient matriculation lady asks about my ticket. I wanted to scream out, "Yes! I've got the golden ticket!" (I maintained my composure; I really am maturing.) She asks what I need, what paperwork I have, and then types in my vital stats into her computer and officially clears me to register for my much-needed chemistry class in several weeks. "It rarely happens this easily," she mutters. "Oh, thank you so much," I effusively respond as I touch her shoulder and ask her what her name is (just in case there are problems, you know, so that I can get back to her since we're on a first-name basis now....) She smiles and I depart towards the elevator with a much more sprightly step.
     I head back to the parking lot and notice, much to my relief, that my meter had not run out yet. Some lady was angling for my parking space. I motion to her which car is mine and, as I open the car door, I smile and whisper with great jubilation, "Thank you, Lord!"
     It had been an exhausting, albeit very providentially productive day. I am hoping and praying for many more such days to come. Whatever God has determined I will embrace as time unfolds.

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