Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riveting Reading

     Well, I was at it again - reading fabulous and charmingly engaging books again. Let's see...where shall I start? Englebert Sneem by Mr. Daniel Postgate is one of my favorite new childrens books. It was written in a spectacular rhyming, lyrical poetic fashion and is pure pleasure to read aloud. The grand illustrations are vibrant and packed with imagination and creativity. The story line is very original and charming as well. Daisy has requested I read it to her several times. Do yourself and your precious children a favor - get this book and read it to them.
     One delicious and entertaining book I finished recently was Confections of a Closet Master Baker by Gisene Bullock-Prado. What a tasty treat this book was! It was filled with tidbits of this woman's painfully unfulfilling professional life in Hollywood (she's Sandra Bullock's sister and former producer of her sister's TV and film projects)and how she and her husband broke out of the mold and started a bakery/coffee shop in Vermont. This woman's passion is baking. She even adds enticing recipes in the book! Additionally, she elaborates on her life with her German health-conscious mother and her early demise from colon cancer. How food, particularly baking, was woven into her life with her mother and grandmother is very touching. Because I've recently found success baking with yeast breads this book was particularly enjoyable. (On the downside,  I won't disclose how my diet is "shaping up" now that I can make delicious cinnamon rolls, Amish friendship bread, challah hamburger buns, and honey whole wheat bread - all in my kitchen, baking, the smell of freshly baked bread....You know, I think that's what Heaven will smell like...fresh bread baking....calorie- free bread with freshly churned, calorie-free sweet cream butter...I better stop!). So, it's a great book and an easy read.
     Let's see...The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend is a really 'tweet children's book. It's a very clever story  about this cat who was planning on consuming three eggs left in this nest by a Hispanic chicken, a French duck, and a Southern goose. As fate would have it, the eggs end up hatching.  After all the adventures this cat has with these three baby birds he has a change of heart towards them. Really delightful and super fun with the added accents.
     And then there's the more inspirational, "good for my soul" book I just finished. Fearless by Max Lucado was not disappointing in the least. I really glean much inspiration and illumination from Max Lucado's books. I've read many of them and they have brought comfort, hope, and understanding probably more than any other books except the Bible. When I saw it on the library shelf I thought, "Fearless...hum...I don't really struggle with fear too much, but his stuff is always good so I'll pick it up." After reading about 4 pages I realized how much I really do struggle with fears I wasn't even aware of. He made some profound points about Christ's fears as he was facing his crucifixion which really moved me. I never saw The Passion of the Christ, and won't, although I saw a portion of it. The movie is too graphic for me. But, Max Lucado's discussion of Christ's fears in relation to the cross was very eye-opening and insightful for me. There were other very powerful sections of the book, too. In fact, I found myself starting it over again because it was so rich and powerful the first time. That fact alone indicates a lot because I almost never re-read books. Check it out. You will be comforted, encouraged and helped by it.
     Well, that's it for now. I'm on the prowl for some wonderful new books...any suggestions?

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