Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun-Sort of

Thanksgiving was fun this year - kind of. We had a small crowd, Tim and our six girls, and my sister Ann and her boyfriend, David. Later, Holly and her girls, Madeline and Olivia, came by and visited for awhile. The food was tasty, nothing burned (too badly, that is), and everyone was in a pleasant mood.

And then...later at around 3:00 a.m. I hear Julia coughing and crying in her crib. I went to check on her and -ugh-she had barfed orange, pumpkin pie vomit all over herself and her crib. So, I proceed to clean her up and put new sheets on her bed. Thankfully, Tim helped me. So, I lay back in bed weary and tired from having cooked 90% of our Thanksgiving meal all by myself (a first for me and I was pleased with how everything turned out, mostly). I heard it again - coughing and crying and when I checked on Julia again she had thrown up more pumpkin vomit. Ewww...So, I decided to lay with her on my chest on the couch and try to catch her vomit with a chucks pad wrapped around her chest. (Those are the greatest things. I happened to have an extra large one from when Julia was a newborn. They're great at catching nasty, oozing diapers. Because they're soft cotton-like material on one side and plastic-lined on the other, they're great to use and then throw out. They reminded me of when I had Julia. They were used to catch all the "fluid" after my water was broken. They're used in hospitals a lot).
     Anyway, my sweet Julia was trying so hard to get comfortable so that she could fall asleep. I finally put her in her bed with make-shift clean bedding and went to bed myself. She seemed fine throughout the day so I thought nothing of her throwing up. However, later that night after I lay her down, she woke up again crying. I put her pacifier back in her mouth and all was well. When I got her up in the morning I was grossed out and felt terrible that she had actually thrown up and I didn't see it. It was a lot less than the night before so I thought that maybe I was giving her too rich of foods. But I began to feel a bit queasy and so did Leanne. I had plans to see Paul and Angela and their 7 kids - the girls' cousins-out in Lancaster that day. What to do? I left Leanne at home and proceeded with my plans. I am rarely sick and thought I was ok. After a couple of hours at Paul and Angela's house it was time to go.
     So here's the scenario: I'm driving home on the 5 Freeway southbound and I'm looking at my extra large 1/2 full Diet Coke cup from McDonald's thinking I should empty it out because I might need it. I was feeling quite queasy at this point. I throw it out and keep driving. About 10 minutes later as I'm driving 80mph ( I know - I was speeding again. I was so trying to get home quickly because I was feeling worse and worse) and trying to get on to the 210 East in heavy traffic because I forgot that I like going home on the 134 East instead, I grab my McDonald's extra large cup and - well - I don't need to be graphic because I'm sure you can figure out what happened. A couple more uses of the blessed extra large cup and I was feeling much better - but not totally. I arrive home and rush out of my car, stopping near my garden area  to relieve my revived nausea, and then I head indoors and lay down for hours feeling achy, nauseous, and continuing to throw up. Leanne apparently had been throwing up for hours and was now moaning at wanting something to drink because she was so thirsty. There are few things worse than telling your severely dehydrated child who is screaming out and moaning in pain that she can't have anything to drink because it will continue her vomiting. Oh...ugh...And poor Tim was having a hard time with all the sickness, his desire to study his physics, and my need for him to step into my shoes. Oh, and by the way, "please go out at 10:00 pm to get some Drano because the sink is clogged again and we REALLY need it." Sigh. Groan. And then about an hour later he starts throwing up - violently and with great moans and groans. It was then Camille's turn to get sick - all over her bed and her floor. Leanne - at 1:00 a.m. was complaining of leg pain. Leg pain?! " Do you feel like throwing up?" "No. But this one leg hurts so badly." "Umm...I don't really know what to tell you, honey. It looks ok. Sleep on your other side."
     Several hours later and some solid sleep, I woke up feeling capable of cleaning up all the messes, running to the grocery store for popsicles, 7-up, jello, and bagels (for me), and getting my house somewhat back in order.
     I was so thankful that I got home safely. I so hope that I didn't get any of the Dybdahl kids sick. I'll call Angela later and find out. With lots of hand sanitizer, fervent prayers, and partial quarantining, I'm hoping Elena, Chloe, and Daisy don't get sick (oh please God-spare me!) So, on to Christmas we go. I love the holiday season and so does Tim. I think this will be a great Christmas season if we could just get well and stay that way. I'll keep you posted.


dietcokegrrl said...
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dietcokegrrl said...

**I had to delete my comment because I had a few typos and I hate that!**

Oh Laura!! I can so relate--although I have to admit that your scenario is worse than mine!

Sammy came down with the stomach flu yesterday afternoon and I was up with him until about 1 am when he seemed better so we went to bed. About 2 am Helene woke up throwing up all over me and the bed. Of course, Hannah woke up too and we all went downstairs so I could strip the bed and wash. Then Hannah starts vomiting too.

It was like something out of a movie.

Sam was at work, of course, so it was all I could do to keep the "vomit buckets" in front of the kids while trying to clean up. I put poor Helene in the high chair to catch her mess--although I did have to change her clothes three times so that wasn't the best plan, but at least it kept the carpet clean.

We went back to bed around 6am and woke up to calm stomachs at 9am. Until about 11am when Hannah threw up while standing at the top of the stairs so vomit has now cascaded downstairs and is all over her. Ugh!! I got her in the tub and start working on the stairs. Sometimes I think Sam is so lucky to be working and miss all of this!

Everyone has been vomit free since then and Hannah is currently napping. Here's PRAYING that I don't come down with it.

I am so so sorry that all of you got it. It's so hard to take care of everyone else when you feel lousy.

I have to say--good thing we have a diet coke addition and have those big cups in the car!! They certainly come in handy!!

Hope you're all feeling better and the rest of the girls don't catch it!

dietcokegrrl said...

that should be "diet coke addiction"...sometimes I type too fast for my own good. :)

Heather Griffith Brewer said...

I'm so sorry for all of you. That is the worst!
I am not a puker, but my daughter is, and it confounds me. I'm just a helpless mess when she gets sick, because I seriously don't know what to do besides give her a bucket, a wet washcloth, and rub her back.
Hope you all feel better!