Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grammy's special moment and the best peach pies ever

early May, 2009 I read an e-mail today from Tim's aunt concerning his Grammy T. The title read "Hospice" and this piqued my curiosity. Grammy is 93 and has been battling breast cancer for a couple of years and most recently reports of her were that she was getting weaker and weaker. Hospice care seemed inevitable. So, Grammy is winding down to that moment when she will breathe her last breath. Wow...
I was thinking about the marvelous life she's lived. She and her husband, Grampy T. were married for 72 years and they raised five children. She was known for her famous dinner rolls and her love of dominoes. She loved Jesus, her husband, and her family. Is there a more successful and satisfying life than that? In my opinion she had reached the pinnacle of a great life. It was either her or Grampy who told me that they prayed for every one of their family members by name every night. This included children, spouses, grandchildren, their spouses, and great grandchildren and their future spouses. I can't tell you the comfort and encouragement this gave me. (I am a woman who believes in the power of prayer.) In fact, I've thought that one of the reasons I came to know the Lord and then eventually married my husband is that Roxie and Harold Thomas were praying for their grandson Tim's future wife - me
5/26/09 So, here it is, several weeks later from what I've just written. I got another e-mail from Tim's sweet, loyal Aunt Rosemary. Grammy is more incoherent and needing less of her medications, but more pain medications and catheterization. The poor woman has moaned in pain and discomfort. I'm praying that she departs soon and in as little pain as possible. I believe, though, that God is overseeing his precious daughter and is not willingly afflicting her. Her time has not come yet. Who knows what issues are being dealt with in her soul to prepare her for that glorious eternity that she will be soon entering into? She'll be going home soon.
Have I mentioned how incredibly jealous I am? Don't get me wrong. I love my life. God has given me a very good, rich, and full life. I have such incredible moments of joy and amazement as I think of all he's given me. I'm actually broken by the realization of all that I have and how little I deserve. But God simply delights to give me soooo much. It reflects his generous kindness more than anything I could have chosen or deserve. However, I do at times long to see him clearly as he is, without this casing of human mortality that I'm wrapped in - my human body. The Bible talks about getting new heavenly bodies someday, but, quite honestly, I like the body I have. Now, don't get me wrong, I could do without the extra 40 pounds I'm carrying, but I like how well my body works. It's served me, my husband, and my six children quite well. I'm almost never sick and when I am, well, I usually get better quite quickly (last pregnancy notwithstanding). More on that later.
Anyway, back to Grammy. I know she's longing to see Harold again and Jesus in all his radiant glory for the first time. I imagine what that moment will be like for her and I'm praying it comes soon for her. I'll continue this post later when I hear more news.
May 28, 2009 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.
Psalm 116:15
Grammy's special moment was precious in God's sight. Last night I was notified by Don that Grammy had passed away about the time I was writing my last post. Uncanny timing. So, as Don asked me if I'd heard the news, I said "No" but I knew what he was about to say. I responded with joy at the news - so relieved that she was out of pain and with Harold and Jesus. I didn't mean to sound unsympathetic, but Don knew my heart was gratitude for Grammy's joy and not insensitivity regarding his loss.
So, I had this picture in my imagination of Harold greeting her with his huge wide open arms. I saw her running to him smiling and laughing and embracing him. And there was light and laughter all around....Who knows what it's really like? I've read accounts, but the Bible leaves much of heaven's details a mystery. Perhaps because we'd cheapen the grandeur, beauty, and glory of a place that the Bible says we can't even conceive of. Have I mentioned I'm jealous of Grammy T? Maybe she's met Mike. Maybe they are talking and laughing right now...about me...and there's my mother and Orton, too. They are laughing about me! About how I worry and fuss about the stupidest things...about how I cry about things I don't need to....
Anyway, I remember the day Grammy and Grampy came to visit us when we lived in Duarte. It was summer and our fabulous peach trees were in glorious bloom. Tim picked a huge painters bucket of them and Grammy found herself a knife and proceeded to skillfully cut all those peaches into tasty slices dripping with juicy sweetness. I made several of the most delicious peach and blueberry pies that day. They were the best pies I ever tasted, I think because Grammy's skillful, loving hands did so much of the work for me. She did it cheerfully and unthinkingly. I so appreciated it! And Grampy was asking me how my family was doing. It never ceased to amaze me how he remembered and cared for my family whom he had only met twice I think. An amazing man. And now, he has his sweet, now very happy wife with him and they are worshipping Jesus right now. They are singing all their favorite hymns and some new ones that they've never heard that are the delight of their soul.
Oh, thank you God for providing such a distinguished group of saints that is that great cloud of witnesses over my life. Maybe as they are observing my life their laughter at me is not mocking, but of joy at all the good they see You doing in my present life and in the years to come...

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