Friday, March 13, 2009

Ultra Safe Motorcycle Guy

You'd think with six girls I'd only blog about "Mommy" things. No....I do think about other things other than "Mommy/Housewife things." So, the other morning I was driving my two older girls to their co-op classes and I noticed I was driving alongside "Ultra Safe Motorcycle Guy." This guy was so amazing! I was so impressed! He had on his motorcycle safety suit, these cool looking "safety" boots and this MASSIVE helmet with wires running through the top of it to this backpack thing he had in front of him, a butt pad, a flashlight hooked up to the top of his helmet, and goggles under his already eye-shielded helmet. He had two metal cases on both sides of his motorcycle, for storage I assume. We were driving on New York Drive (one of my favorite streets to drive on both day and night. Great views from both sides of the street.) We kept stopping next to him at stoplights. My daughter and I were laughing because he was so decked out with safety gear. I'm glad he didn't notice us. His bike was beautiful, too. Some fancy looking BMW motorcycle. In fact, at the third light we stopped at Elena found my camera in my purse and at my request got a picture of him. I'm sooo glad he didn't see us. That would've been weird.
The reason I was so impressed is that recently a friend of mine got hit by a car while on his motorcycle. He's been off work for months and it's been really painful. I remembered years ago my husband telling me how he had wanted a motorcycle in his younger years. (Don't most young men go through that phase?) His Dad, an ER physician and an easygoing guy, said "NO!" He had seen too many motorcycle accidents come through the doors of the ER to approve of his son's interest in getting a motorcycle. I'm so glad! I think motorcycles are fun, but I'm too much of a safety freak to feel comfortable with anyone that I love dearly and sincerely riding one on a regular basis. Anyway, all motorcycle riders should be as safe as Ultra Safe Motorcycle Guy. And if any of them notice some lady in a Suburban with a whole bunch of kids laughing at him at a stoplight, it's because we're impressed with all his safety precautions. Happy motoring!

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