Friday, December 5, 2008

"There Must Be A Better Way To Do This"

As I was getting dressed for another wearying day of washing laundry and combing my girls' lice-infested hair out this morning I asked God for wisdom about this daunting, seemingly unending situation I was facing. "Is there a better way to do this God?" I queried the Almighty. He made head lice (or was that the Devil?!!)and he knows the number of hairs on our heads (and so do I after combing each of my children's hair and checking every strand for nits dozens of times!), surely there might be a better way to go about this situation. Later that morning the school secretary called to inform me that Chloe and Leanne's school work was ready to pick up in the office. As I arrive in the office they inform me that now I'll need a doctor's note because the girls have missed so much school. "Huh?" I say. "I'll go talk to the school nurse."
"We've just been talking about you," the school nurse tells me after I introduce myself and ask about the doctor's note I apparently needed. As I describe all our lice treatments - lice shampoo, mayonnaise and vinegar and tea tree oil and the countless hours of combing - she looks a little puzzled and tells me that head lice usually goes away in a couple of days after a treatment and combing. As she describes nits, eggs, and lice, it became apparent that all the little white eggs we were constantly combing off the girls' scalps - "When you flake at the scalp, girls, look at all the eggs that come out! Oh my!" - was dry scalp. OOHHHHH!!!UUGGGHHH!!!!
I asked her to check me and she declared me lice-free. I left quickly - laughing most of the way home with a gut-busting, hearty laughter that I haven't felt in a looong time - knowing the girls would be ecstatic when I declared them nit-free.
Although I felt like an idiot for thinking that dry scalp flakes were lice eggs - "Oh look at that big one!" - I was grateful that God answered my cry for wisdom. My girls were ecstatic that the party they had already cancelled on for Sunday was resumed. My mood improved considerably as well.
I now declare myself an expert on all things related to lice, egg, and nit identification and removal. And, to boot, all of our hair is super-shiny and combed beautifully straight. And I know each of my children's scalps intimately. Ha! Ha!

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